I am starting to regret the solar panel situation

It's been a while since my last update on the solar panel installation. There have been multiple delays since then.

Firstly, my roof developed a leak during a significant storm. It took two months to find a roofer for repairs. This period was mostly spent dealing with the original roofer, who repeatedly promised to do the work but then threatened legal action when I questioned why he never showed up. I eventually found a new roofer.

Next, the installation of the solar panels finally happened, which was fantastic news! I now have 14 solar panels on my roof, each secured in tubs placed on the flat roof. Each tub contains five bricks for added weight. The entire setup, involving tubs, bricks, and panels, was transported up a ladder by three men over a day and a half. I kept them fuelled with plenty of tea and biscuits.

Then, I traveled to China. Here's a photo of me enjoying an ice cream shaped like The Great Wall, while standing next to The Great Wall.

Me, eating an ice-pop shaped like the Great Wall of China

Later, electricians arrived to connect the solar panels to the inverter and the house's electrical system. They managed to link the panels to a fireman's switch (which automatically disconnects the panels if the mains power is turned off). However, they brought the wrong type of inverter – a regular one instead of the hybrid model I wanted for battery compatibility.

Additionally, they were uncertain about routing the cables from the roof to the fuse box. After much deliberation about how to do it, including a method that involved drilling through walls and nailing cables across ceilings (which I disliked), I contacted the house's builder. He advised routing the cables down through a central cavity in the house, which already housed cables for the heat pump.

The solar panel company wouldn't put the hole in the roof and wouldn't recommend a roofer for the task. This led to a three-week search for a roofer. Out of six contacted, four responded. Two refused, one disappeared after agreeing and quoting a price, and finally, one roofer completed the job the next day.

I immediately informed the solar panel team, who promised to schedule a visit to finish the installation with the correct inverter.

However, that evening, I noticed a wet patch on the ceiling. It appears to be a new leak. I'm monitoring its progression overnight. The roofer mentioned finding water under the felt, blaming it on a previous job (although I have my doubts) but claiming to have sealed it. If his work is effective, this water issue might be a one-time occurrence. Otherwise, I'll need him to return and investigate the cause.

And so continues the solar panel odyssey, growing ever more expensive by the day.

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