I've bought solar panels! Now I wait.

For the last while I've been blogging about [the process of starting to understand how solar panels work], getting quotes from installers, and picking an installer. This is a short post with the news that I have picked an installer and slapped down a deposit on a system.

It has 14 420 watt Jinko Mono panels, a 5kw hybrid SAJ inverter, no diverter, and no battery. I explained previously why I'm skipping the battery and diverter.

The total price of the system will be €8,700 and my deposit was €3,480. I will get €2,400 back from the SEAI solar grant, leaving me with a final bill of €6,300. There is a 16 week wait time for install, so we've got a long road ahead of us. I've also got a reasonable amount of paperwork to fill in for that grant, and I'll update the blog as I get it done.

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