The quotes for solar are in!

So two weeks ago I blogged that I was going to look into solar power. It's something that I've been interested in for a while, but know basically nothing about.

Well, in the days since I have been busy sending out requests for quotes. Of the 10 I sent out, 4 got to the point where I could put them into my Notion sheet, and this is what that looks like:

#kWh Price Notes
4.0 €5,600 Recom panels Solis inverter Puredrive batteries
4.15 €7,250 Price includes additional €700 for an Eddi diverter
3.44 €5,204
5.8 €6,750 14 Jinko 420 panels Hybrid inverter Eddi hot water diverter Flat roof mounting

I've invited the company who offered the final quote to come take a look at the house, and that's happening tomorrow - I'll write another post about how it goes. I'm also still deciding if I want a battery or not.

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